The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Jewelry Broker to Sell Your High Jewelry

Sell high jewelry


Jeanette inherited a stunning high jewelry collection from her grandmother, including a pair of 14k white gold 4.00-carat old European cut diamond earrings, a platinum 20.56-carat emerald cut diamond ring, and an 18k yellow gold 1.90-carat oval faceted sapphire necklace. Each piece was not only beautiful but also held significant sentimental value. However, Jeanette realized that she rarely wore these pieces and decided it was time to sell them to someone who would truly appreciate their beauty.

Initially, Jeanette was unsure about the value of her collection. She brought her jewelry to a local jeweler for an appraisal. The jeweler assessed the pieces, provided an appraised value totaling $120,000, and offered to buy the collection. While this seemed impressive, Jeanette wanted to ensure she was making the best decision, so she sought a second opinion.

On the recommendation of her estate attorney, Jeanette reached out to La Jolla Gem Appraisal for a more thorough and unbiased appraisal. She brought her collection to them, requesting a detailed evaluation. After careful assessment and extensive market research, La Jolla Gem Appraisal provided an evidence-based appraisal, revealing that the collection has a total Fair Market Value of $490,000. This included the 20.56-carat diamond ring, which, despite a worn Winston stamp from a rushed resize in the 1980s-1990s, was still recognizable and significantly increased the ring's value. The method involved in determining the Fair Market Value included finding comparable recent transactions up to the Valuation Effective Date of like-kind, like-quality items at auctions, as well as offers to buy from knowledgeable dealers. The jeweler's initial offer of $120,000 was a lowball attempt to purchase the collection for far less than its Fair Market Value. 

After conducting the appraisal, Jeanette also chose to hire La Jolla Gem Appraisal to broker her collection. Now, you might question the acceptability and ethics of an appraiser also acting as a broker. The practice is generally considered ethical as long as the appraiser maintains separate roles and avoids simultaneous dual representation. This ensures transparency and prevents conflicts of interest, allowing for fair and unbiased valuation and brokerage services. When acting as an appraiser, it is in their best interest to provide an independent, impartial, and objective opinion on the value. Their fee is typically based on their time spent evaluating the item, rather than a percentage of the total value. Conversely, when acting as a broker, their goal is to secure the highest offer possible for the client, as they earn a commission based on the sale price. Professional standards emphasize the importance of disclosure and clarity in such arrangements to protect the client's interests and uphold trust in the appraisal and brokerage process. 

Key Benefits of Hiring a Professional Jewelry Broker:

1. Access to a Network of Buyers

Jewelry brokers have extensive networks of potential buyers, including collectors, investors, and enthusiasts. These connections can significantly speed up the selling process and increase the likelihood of finding the right buyer who appreciates the value of your high jewelry.

2. Comprehensive Service and Care-Free Process

From start to finish, a professional jewelry broker handles every aspect of the sale process. This includes:

  • Grading and Quality Assessment: Ensuring your jewelry is accurately graded and quality assessed.
  •  Marketing and Presentation: Using professional photography and strategic marketing techniques to showcase your jewelry in its best light.
  • Finding the Right Buyer: Leveraging their network to connect with potential buyers who are genuinely interested in your jewelry.
  • Negotiation and Sale: Negotiating on your behalf to secure the best possible price while handling all interactions with potential buyers.
  • Paperwork and Transaction Management: Managing all necessary paperwork and contracts involved in the sale.
  • Secure Payment and Delivery: Ensuring secure payment processing and coordinating safe delivery of your jewelry to the buyer.

3. Professional Guidance and Support

Throughout the entire selling process, a jewelry broker provides expert guidance and support. They offer insights into market conditions, advise on pricing strategies, and handle any challenges that may arise. Their goal is to make the selling experience as smooth and profitable as possible for you, while also safeguarding your interests.

4. Time and Stress Savings

Selling high-end jewelry can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you're unfamiliar with the market or don't have the necessary connections. Hiring a professional broker allows you to delegate all aspects of the sale to someone with specialized knowledge and experience. This frees up your time to focus on other priorities without the hassle of managing a complex sale process.

Choosing to hire a professional jewelry broker is a strategic decision that can maximize the value of your high-end jewelry while ensuring a seamless and secure transaction. Their expertise, network, and commitment to client satisfaction make them invaluable partners in achieving the best possible outcome for your sale. Jeanette's successful sale through La Jolla Gem Appraisal underscores the value of expert guidance in navigating the complexities of the jewelry market, ultimately achieving a fair and satisfactory outcome.

The Winston stamp on the ring mentioned in the article.