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La Jolla Gem Appraisal applies advanced technology to identify natural versus synthetic diamond

In the trade, it is essential that laboratory-grown diamonds can be identified because consumers need to know what they are buying, and because there are often significant price differences between them and natural gemstones.  It is increasingly important for gemologist appraisers to make that call of diamond origin (natural or synthetic) when appraising jewelry to produce credible reports for their clients. 

How to tell between natural or synthetic diamond

Because laboratory-grown diamonds are essentially chemically and optically the same as their natural counterparts, traditional gemological observations and old-style “diamond detectors” are not able to tell them apart.  Identification at a professional gemological laboratory or using sophisticated devices developed by GIA and other reputable organizations are the only reliable methods to separate them from natural diamonds.

One of the most effective analytical methods is optical spectroscopy because it can record the optical characteristics of a gemstone in a way that is quantifiable and reproducible.  Synthetic diamond has impurities or extended defects, which is not commonly found in natural diamonds. Certain optical properties can reveal clues about the growth conditions when “the crystal was forming”, and it is significantly different from natural diamonds.

Diamond appraisal in La Jolla
Photoluminescence spectrum of a 20 ct type Ia diamond at La Jolla Gem Appraisal

EXA is one of the well-respected and most reliable advanced machines that is developed using the above spectroscopic technology to accurately identify the origin of diamond.  It can recognize 98% of natural diamonds, refer 2% of natural diamonds for further testing.  It refers 100% of HPHT, CVD-grown synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants for further testing.  Moreover, its advanced mode can also provide professional gemologist appraisers a lot of useful information in order to identify other colored gemstones and possibly some types of treatment the stones might have by looking at the gem's fluorescence spectrum. 

Diamond Appraisal in San Diego
Diamond screening by EXA instrument at La Jolla Gem Appraisal  

EXA has been well-recognized by professionals for its high standards of quality and accuracy.  However, not all gemological labs that offer appraisal services are able to acquire it as it is a high cost investment.  La Jolla Gem Appraisal is one of a few labs that owns this EXA instrument.  It is a proof of our commitment that we will always keep up with education and new technology to provide our clients the credible results of our reports.  

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