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Heirloom jewelry appraisal for equitable distribution
Jewelry appraisal
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Equitable Distribution

You can schedule an appointment with us and bring in your estate/inherited jewelry collection for an equitable distribution appraisal. At first, we will help you separate fine jewelry from costume jewelry, and advise you whether an appraisal is needed.

Not all assignments for equitable distribution require a written report; however, if there is a contentious situation among heirs, we can help provide a detailed and comprehensive appraisal report for the entire estate jewelry collection.

We also work with fiduciaries and estate planning attorneys on their clients’ estates.  In situations in which the jewelry is unwanted, we can help with converting it quickly and easily into cash with our Brokering Services.

Gemological Laboratory Services

Providing Objective Valuation Services For Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls, Watches, Contemporary and Estate Jewelry

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Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is an unbiased, evidence-based valuation for a specific purpose, as of a specific date, that is based on researched market data analyzed and formulated into a report prepared by a trained, experienced professional valuation specialist.

Jewelry Brokering Service

Brokering Service

We provide services in selling jewelry for our private clients who wish to convert the jewelry that no longer fit their lifestyle into liquid assets or for estates and trusts seeking to sell collections or partial collections.


Jewelry Consulting Service

Consulting Service

As the only AGA Gemological Laboratory in San Diego, we use advanced technology and scientific methods to provide our professional, independent and unbiased opinions of the identification, quality and grading.