La Jolla Jewelry Appraiser Won The ASA Rising Star Award 2022


Trang Pham is your trusted independent jewelry appraiser in San Diego area and beyond, specialized in valuing all types of fine jewelry, watches and gemstones.

With credentials as a GIA Graduate Gemologist and AGA Accredited Senior Gemologist, she's also an Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) in the Gems & Jewelry Discipline. Her expertise and dedication were highlighted by receiving the 2022 ASA Rising Star Award.

Her experience teaching gemology, coupled with her many credentials and commitment to continuing education, has made her your trusted expert for any jewelry valuation needs. Her appraisals are widely accepted by insurance companies, and she is a Qualified Appraiser under IRS Guidelines on Qualified Appraisers.

Trang Pham's clients include private jewelry owners, insurance companies, fiduciaries, estate attorneys, the Department of Justice, and retailers.


Located in the heart of Southern California, our esteemed establishment stands out as the sole AGA Certified Gemological Laboratory in San Diego, providing unparalleled expertise in jewelry & watch appraisal. Clients seeking to understand the true value of their precious items, including watches, gold and diamond jewelry, can trust our services for an accurate and transparent evaluation.

Our facility is staffed by a seasoned GIA Graduate Gemologist, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is meticulously examined. Whether you are looking to appraise heirloom pieces, engagement rings, modern gold and diamond jewelry, or watches, our expert will conduct the appraisal in your presence, fostering trust and ensuring the security of your valuables.

Upon completion of the appraisal, you will be presented with a detailed report that not only describes each item in depth but also provides a reliable and objective opinion of its valuation. This comprehensive document serves as a critical tool for insurance purposes, estate settlements, or to satisfy your personal curiosity about the worth of your jewelry.

For those pondering the question, "Where to sell jewelry near me?" our services extend beyond appraisal to include expert jewelry consultation and brokering. Our intimate knowledge of the Southern California jewelry market positions us as a prime resource for clients looking to sell their jewelry. We leverage our extensive network to connect sellers with reputable buyers, ensuring you receive a fair and competitive offer for your gold and diamond treasures.

Our brokering service is designed to complement our appraisal expertise, rather than conflicting with it. As an independent appraiser, our primary goal is to provide you with an accurate and unbiased valuation of your jewelry. With a fixed-rate appraisal fee, we ensure transparency and eliminate any conflicts of interest. In brokering, our commission-based approach motivates us to secure the highest offer for your jewelry, aligning our interests with yours.

Whether your goal is to appraise, insure, sell, or simply understand the value of your jewelry, our laboratory is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the jewelry market with confidence and ease.

Gemological Laboratory Services

Providing Objective Valuation Services For Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls, Watches, Contemporary and Estate Jewelry

jewelry apraisals in la jolla ca

Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is an unbiased, evidence-based valuation for a specific purpose, as of a specific date, that is based on researched market data analyzed and formulated into a report prepared by a trained, experienced professional valuation specialist.

Jewelry Consulting Service

Consulting Service

As the only AGA Gemological Laboratory in San Diego, we use advanced technology and scientific methods to provide our professional, independent and unbiased opinions of the identification, quality and grading.

Jewelry Brokering Service

Brokering Service

We provide services in selling jewelry for our private clients who wish to convert the jewelry that no longer fit their lifestyle into liquid assets or for estates and trusts seeking to sell collections or partial collections.